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Read why GTM keeps making headlines

Newspapers that have featured Geo Trash Management (GTM)

News Articles 

9 November 2021

Kaltim Today

Plastic Waste in Bontang Will Be Converted To Bio Solar, Investment Reaches IDR 4 Billion

19 September 2021


DLHK Kukar Collaborates with GEO Trash, Manages Waste to Become Solar

17 September 2021

Pro Kaltim

Australia's Eyes on Waste Management in Samarinda

17 September 2021

Kaltim Today

Potential of 20 Tons of Garbage Per Day in Samarinda, If Processed Can Produce Dexlite Equivalent Solar

2 September 2021

Media Nasional.ID

NTB Deputy Governor Supports Geotrash, Expands Waste Banks

2 September 2021


Investors Immediately Build a Plastic Waste Processing Plant utilising 

Pyrolysis Technology

18 August 2021

Kukar Paper

DLHK Kukar Collaborates with GEO Trash Management, Turning Waste into Solar

10 July 2021


Samarinda to Build a Waste Management Industry for Dexlite Class Solar

24 June 2021


Converting Waste into fuel using Pyrolysis Technology

17 June 2021

Media Investigasi

Plastic Pyrolysis Factory

11 June 2021

Ind Times Kaltim

Samarinda City Government Discourse Turns Plastic Waste Into Solar

8 June 2021


Plans to Build a Waste Management Industry So Dexlite Class Solar

1 June 2021

Lombok Post

It turns out that plastic waste can be processed into solar, you know, here's how!

1 June 2021

Radar Lombok

NTB Manages Plastic Waste to Turn Solar

31 May 2021

NTBi News

Wow! NTB is able to manage plastic waste into solar

31 May 2021


Great! Indonesia Has a Plastic to Diesel Factory 

31 May 2021

Desa Modern

Industrialization for Zero Waste, NTB Manages Plastic Waste into Solar

31 May 2021

27 Sinar News

Dr.Ir.Hj.Sitti Rohmi Djalillah,M.Pd : Inaugurated the Pyrolysis System Waste Processing Machine in NTB, the Only One in the World.

31 May 2021


Plastic Waste Processing, NTB Produces 600 Liters of Diesel per Day

31 May 2021


Industrialization for Zero Waste, Now NTB is Able to Manage Plastic Waste into Solar

30 May 2021

Mataram Radio

Turn Plastic Into Solar

30 May 2021


NTB is ready to convert 1 ton of plastic waste into 600 liters of diesel every day

30 May 2021

Global FM Lombok

NTB now has a Plastic Processing Machine So Solar, Here's What It Looks Like

29 May 2021


Plastic waste processing factory into diesel in NTB starts operating

29 May 2021


NTB Turns Plastic Waste into Fuel, One Ton of Waste Produces 400 Liters of Solar

29 May 2021


NTB Has Pyrolysis System Plastic Waste Processing Machine, Claimed First in the World

29 May 2021


Industrialization for Zero Waste, NTB Manages Plastic Waste into Solar

29 May 2021

Lombok Insider

Great, NTB Successfully Turns Plastic Waste into Solar

29 May 2021

Warta Penanews

This Factory Turns Plastic Waste into Solar Fuel

29 May 2021

Warta Bumigora

NTB is able to manage plastic waste into solar

29 May 2021

Lensa Mandalika

NTB Provincial Government Launches Pyrolysis Machine, Converts Plastic Waste into Fuel

29 May 2021

Inside NTB

Perusda and Commission III Encourage Imitating STIP of the NTB Provincial Government in West Sumbawa

26 March 2021


Coordination and Synchronization Meeting for the Provision of Waste Sapras

6 March 2021


STIE Bima Signs MOU with NSC and GTM

6 March 2021


Investment Red Carpet

5 March 2021


The 2nd Time Visited by NSC, Education-Research Waste and Sporturism Become the Focus of the Program

GTM meeting with DINAS in Samarinda
Geo Trash Management on the local news
GTM meeting with Bali's Vice Governor
GTM on the local news
GTM signing MOU with Kutaikartanegara
Online article featuring Geo Trash Management
Parliment from Jakarta visiting GTM's workshop
Online article featuring GTM
Geo Trash Managament meeting in Mataram with Mataram's Mayor
Geo Trash Management news article
Signing Test Lab MOU with Mataram University
Geo Trash Management in the news
Geo Trash Management meeting with bappeda NTB provence
GTM news article
Geo Trash Management signing MOU with Samarinda Mayor
GTM in the news
GTM MOU signing with Bima Mayor
Newspaper report featuring GTM
Newspaper report featuring Geo Trash Management
Geo Trash Management Tec Introductory Ceremony at Science and Technology Industrial Park, Lombok NTB
Meeting with Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia
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