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Andrew Sinclair - 11 November 2021 1 min read

GTM is able to produce a wide variety of Resources from zero value plastics. All of the Material produced by the GTM recycling systems are useful and are either put into further processing or used onsite.


For GTM, our end goal is to recycle 100% of our resources into new and valuable products in accordance with UN standards.


Firstly, GTM produces a type of crude oil (66 - 70%) called Pyrolysis oil which is a mixture of all the hydrocarbon chemical ingredients that we extract from the plastic.



This Pyrolysis Oil is further processed using fractional distillation to extract 5 different fractions according to their boiling point. Some of these fractions can be supplied directly to plastic manufactures to make new virgin grade plastic. Other fractions can be used to substitute fossil fuels such as gasoline, jet fuel and diesel. In fact, there are so many applications for these chemicals, that part of GTM’s job is to identify the best markets to suit the regency’s needs given the variables in the market such as geographical and logistical factors, local demand and market landscape.

Secondly, we produce a small percentage of solids (15%) which is mainly carbon, aluminium and other metals and solids from the processed plastic “Feedstock”.

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Residual metals can be separated using magnet and eddy current separators before the carbon black is ground and sent to tire manufactures, steel works, ink and paint producers or back to the plastic manufactures.


Interestingly - under normal pressure and temperature conditions hydrogen gas weighs 0.090 kg/m3. This means that GTM produces roughly 2,200 cubic meters of hydrogen gas per ton of waste plastic.




All of the gas produced by the GTM Recycling Systems help us achieve the temperatures required for the plastic pyrolysis process. Our closed loop system ensures that the gases are completely consumed and provide us with the energy we need, allowing us to substitute fossil fuels such as LPG or diesel for 100% recycled resources.


Please contact us by email for test results and further information regarding our products.