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Andrew Sinclair - 1 May 2020 - 1 min read

In most communities some form or recycling is usually happening, for PET bottles, HDPE containers, glass and cans. However a lot of plastics are left out and create the current pollution situation we have today.

GTM buys worthless plastics directly from the community managers. Leaving them to manage the collection networks according to their current practice. This is important because GTM doesn’t want to interfere with the current working recycling networks, only

to introduce a new revenue stream.


GTM works directly with the community and any existing networks such as garbage banks and recyclers, to direct the financial benefits across a broad sector of the population, to stimulate equity and as much involvement as possible without disturbing the status of current recycling networks.


The role of the garbage collection bank is very important, they are the ones who are intense in the community, collecting, buying and reselling the valuable waste material. If the community doesn’t already have this network in place GTM assists the community managers with setting it up.


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