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Andrew Sinclair - 11 November 2021 1 min read

GEO Trash Management (GTM) – the eco conservation enterprise dedicated to recycling zero value plastics. Our aim is to achieve positive environmental impacts through the circular-economy mindset and turn plastic pollution into valuable resources while boosting local economies.

We are the next generation fighting for the world, a group of thinkers who are ready for action, willing to do, not just say what needs to be done.


We are engineers, students, creative minds, developers and such that have an eye for fixing broken systems and creating new methods.


GTM started in 2017. Since the beginning our Team has been tracking down the best tools available worldwide for managing waste issues throughout SE Asia.


We see ourselves as an open forum society that rallies like-minded people and organizations to deliver common sense solutions that benefit those who need it most.


Our Mission is to bring modern solutions to provide fixes for a very modern problem – human population growth combined with plastic consumption.


Our goals include finding like-minded organizations to combine our resources and technical solutions with, so together we can offer maximum recycling capabilities and help growing cities achieve their Zero Waste initiatives.

Together we can!


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